This page hasn't been touched since the late 1990s. Since then, Bill Gates has relinquished the reins at Microsoft and become one of the largest philanthropists in the world, and Microsoft may finally have gotten a reasonably secure operating system out the door. And Apple is looking more and more like the Big Bad (with Google vying for the title).

It's also interesting to look back at the 1990s as a golden (or at least silver) age, when Bill Clinton was president, we were paying down our debts (on the way to a budget surplus), the only war we were fighting was on behalf of Muslims (in Bosnia), and somehow, Bill Gates seemed like the Big Bad. So I leave this page (complete with dangling links) up as a memorial for that by-gone era.

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."
-- Bill Gates, 1981

I Hate Microsoft.

Microsoft is the focus of evil in the modern world. [1]

Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ.

He was also kicked out of Harvard for stealing computer time (on the DARPA-purchased PDP-10 in Aiken Computation Laboratory), back when that meant something. He used it to write commercial software, i.e. Altair BASIC.

It is interesting that most hackers hate Bill Gates not so much because he stole computer time, but rather because he wanted to *sell* software. It's all Bill's fault.

One of my favorite quotations regarding Bill Gates:

"[Bill Gates is the antichrist. He is the devourer of souls.]
And he named a whole company after his own penis. Talk about male arrogance."
--Stewart King (Harvard '96), following up a post in [Harvard local Usenet group] harvard.general

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1 No, I don't really think this. I think Henry Kissinger is.

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