I keep seeing pages where people post some of their writings. I'm not sure how I feel about this; on the one hand, I think it's great: the Web as the ultimate Free Press. On the other hand, it does seem contribute to the trend of personal-Web-pages-as-roving-self-advertisement.

I haven't made up my mind, and I suppose that it doesn't matter much either whether I do or not. Both views have merit, and no one ever said that we humans have to be particularly consistent. Except maybe the Libertarians. ("A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." -- Emerson)

That all being said, I do have some poetry that I think is potentially worth someone's time to read. Probably not, but it's worth a try....

And if that didn't turn you off entirely, you might want to try some humor. Unfortunately, what's there is pretty dated, but then again I was a grad student for nearly five years, and that'll drain the humor out of anyone in short order.

If there's anything on the other end of my stories link, that means that I've started to put some of my stories here. (In which case, be afraid, be very afraid -- because in Cyberspace, everyone can hear you scream.)

Of course, most of this page is for the benefit of my friend Frank, who has been goading me to do something about my writing for a long time. My thanks, Frank. Maybe we'll see some more Alyx McRoth or Drangarth and Lerian see the light of day soon. Then again, maybe not.

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