Sent to me by Jody Culham, who worked at Banff, with additions from her friend Becky.

As Jody says:

"Gorby" is a somewhat derogatory, somewhat playful term used by Banff "locals" to refer to the tourists. Gorbies are the ones with "BANFF" sweatshirts, baseball caps with bear heads, $20 of fudge in their hands, whining that "things just aren't the same as home" (that's the point of travelling, isn't it?!) while standing aimlessly in the middle of a busy sidewalk wondering whether to buy Aunt Mildred the Canadian flag made in Taiwan or the Mountie t-shirt. My friend Becky and I have also coined a term for insipid tourist brochures: "gorbylit".

Gorbies existed long before Gorbachev. In fact, gorbies have been around forever and I'm surprised the archaelogists haven't unearthed any petrified t-shirts saying "I (heart) Olduvai Gorge". :)

The Buffalo Paddock used to be a bar where we would hang out on rainy days, drinking various liquor-filled beverages.