I am a computer geek. I read a lot of SF. I write sporadically. I have been known to play the viola. I occasionally bake. I am a member of the Schoolhouse Rock Generation (not "Generation X", thank you very much). I like to sleep a lot. I tend to write simple, declarative sentences. I listen to lots of music, mostly British rock (Peter Gabriel, The Who) or classical (Schumann, Beethoven), but with lots of Celtic/British Folk Music (e.g. Folk Music with Teeth).

I also collect quotations, especially about stupidity. My fondest ambition is to be an aphorist. I want to deserve the phrase "He Was Often Quoted" being on my tombstone. (Of course, I plan to donate my body to science, so I may not actually get a tombstone.)

As a matter of fact, a minor saying of mine (or rather, one of my variation-upon-a-theme sayings) seems to actually have caught on in some places:

Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins, for they are not particularly subtle and have the root password.

Oh no -- my sanity check bounced!
Oh no -- my reality check bounced!
Ooof -- I've been reality checked.

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