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My geek code (v. 3.12, as of 1 Jul 1996):

Version: 3.1 
GCM/P/S d- s+: a- C++(++++)>$ US++++>$ P++ L E-(---) W++(--) N++ !o
!K-- w---(---) !O M+ V- PS++ PE- Y+ !PGP t(+) 5++(+++)>$ X++ R tv
b+++>$ DI++++ !D G+ e+++ h r* y++
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ 
If you like, you can check out the translation of this (from The Geek Decoder Page).

If you want to generate your own Geek Code, try this page.

All geeks should have a good relationship with The Jargon File, aka The New Hacker's Dictionary.

The text of the following link was sent to me by a friend, who said:
"Will you put this on your page? If you don't, I'll put it on mine -- but it belongs on yours :)"

Now, I'm not sure quite what she meant by this, but I did find the item mildly amusing, so I figured I'd put it here, in the hopes that others might find it amusing as well. Perhaps some folks will even pick up some valuable information. Who can say?

Note: I find the content of this link mildly sexist and heterocentric. I know a few female geeks, and quite a few bent ones -- though to be fair, it is titled "A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys". Also, its portrayal of geeks, while amusing and tongue-in-cheek, is quite lopsided. After all, some geeks can cook and even bake. And not all geeks are total Trekkies; most are just partial Trekkies. (Some don't like either Deanna Troi or Doctor Crusher, but those that fall into that category usually do like Ro Laren.) And true geeks should like Babylon 5.

A Girl's Guide To Geek Guys

One should not miss The Guy's Guide to Geek Girls, a very nice response to that above.

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