We picked up the Cat Now Known as Titus (originally named Nemo by his previous abandonersowners, and nameless for two weeks while we wandered through various names) at the MSPCA Sunday, March 2nd, 2008. He's about a year old, and fairly big, 13.5 pounds. He lived in our TV room for a few days while he got used to us and the other cats got used to him. He is now fairly well integrated with the herd, and has the freedom of the house. He definitely plays more and harder than our older cats, but it's really perked up Max, who we think misses her dearly departed brother Meph.

The name "Titus" comes from "Titus Pullo", one of the main characters in HBO's series Rome. That Titus Pullo, played by Ray Stevenson, is big, loud, playful, and rambunctious. (Plus a few other things we hope our Titus is not. Then again, our Titus is neutered....)

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